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3/8" Drive Dial Torque Wrench 0-300 in lbs

3/8” Drive Dial Torque Wrench 0-300 In. Lbs. • 0-25 Ft. Lbs • 0-35 Nm Our search for the ideal torque wrench for the diving repair bench is over! The torque range of 0-300 In. Lbs. is ideal and covers torque requirements from second stage diaphragm covers to yoke and Din assemblies. The dial type torque wrench is arguably the most accurate torque wrench design. It is certainly the easiest and most efficient to use. The 3/8” square drive fits all standard tool industry sockets, extensions, and adapters. The laser marked dial is divided into two 180 degree segments. One side is 0-300 in. lbs. and the other side is 0-35 Nm. The dial can be rotated to position either scale calibration on both sides of center. This torque wrench is equally accurate for tensioning components in both right and left hand torque operations. The accuracy is ±3% (60-300 in. lbs.). Every wrench is tested individually and a Certificate of Calibration is included. The accuracy standard can be traced to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). One of the main advantages of a dial type torque wrench is that it can be setup in a matter of seconds. Simply “zero out” the calibration scale to be used, and position the follower needle to zero. When torque is applied and then released, the follower needle remains at the highest torque reached. This “tattletale” feature provides absolute verification of each torque operation. In addition to setup simplicity, hitting the exact torque target is easy. By watching the needle approach the desired torque level, it is easy to stop the progression at the precise moment the follower needle hits the target. This analog method is by far the most accurate and consistent means of repeatedly achieving accurate torque levels. This torque wrench is very durable and will provide years of dependable service with minimal care. Shipped with a fitted foam core storage case.
3/8" Drive Dial Torque Wrench 0-300 in lbs
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