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Regulator Savvy Book

Available in spiral bound and three ring editions, Regulator Savvy is and has been the repair manual of choice for regulator servicing professionals for many years. The author of Regulator Savvy and founder of Scuba Tools, Pete Wolfinger takes a comprehensive approach, providing the reader with a fundamental understanding of regulator function as well as procedural instruction. Divided into two complementary sections, the first half provides soup to nuts insight into the fundamental functions of your regulator while the second section addresses the application of this knowledge to the tasks involved in proper regulator maintenance and repair as well as troubleshooting tips.

Learn the “why” as well as the “how” as you peruse the pages of Regulator Savvy. It’s a balanced look at both theory and application – and how they work together to help you understand how to adjust your regulator for optimal performance. In fact, Regulator Savvy is so well regarded within the industry that Hog / Edge uses it to help train their technicians!

Although written for and directed toward professional service technicians, Regulator Savvy has proven to be a tremendous help to anyone needing to know how to service a scuba regulator as well as the diver who simply wants to know more about how his regulator functions. New technicians can familiarize themselves with the basics while seasoned professionals will gain a greater perspective on features that may not often cross their bench.

Over 300 illustrations and 180+ pages make Regulator Savvy a must have for any regulator servicing professional or serious diver.

Regulator Savvy (Spiral Bound)
Price (USD): $44.50
Regulator Savvy (Three Ring)
Price (USD): $74.75