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Stereoscopic Microscope

Stereoscopic microscopes are used for viewing solid three dimensional objects at low magnification. They provide an upright, unreversed image which permits easy manipulation of the object being viewed. This microscope has two magnification levels: 10x and 30x. The diopter eyepieces are individually adjustable to the eyesight of the operator. The working distance under the lens is 3 inches with a maximum part height of 2 3/8". Lighting is provided on both the top (front lighting) , as well as below (back lighting). The lights can be used independently or at the same time. On the diving repair bench, it is often difficult to see minor imperfections on orifices, seats, pistons, etc. with the naked eye. With the dual lighting feature on this stereoscopic microscope, both internal (bore) and external inspection of critical parts is easily accommodated. All in all, this microscope is just the right size and magnification for close-up parts inspection on the diving repair bench. We are absolutely satisfied with its overall versatility and quality. This stereoscopic microscope carries a limited 5 year warranty.
Stereoscopic Microscope
Price (USD): $399.75

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