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Standard Tool Set (5 pcs)

Wiha "Standard Set" & Individual Tools.  The five tools pictured to the left are basic to all diving repair centers. They were selected for overall size, feel, and quality.  Stubby Screwdriver: The Wiha "stubby" 1/4" screwdriver was selected because of the narrow dimension in the middle of the blade. The tool is often used to install and remove slotted orifices in the air barrel.  Schrader Valve Tool: This tool has the reach necessary for removing/installing Schrader valves, even in the most recessed locations in power inflators and quick disconnect couplers.  Awl: The Wiha awl is a general purpose tool used for removing/installing tension pins and small parts with holes in deep recessed areas.   Screwdrivers (2): The slotted and phillip's screwdriver blades are chrome vanadium molybdenum with a hardened tip. These five tools are available in a set or as individual tools.
Standard Tool Set (5 pcs)
Price (USD): $48.50

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