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Stripper Knife & Blades

"Stripper" KnifeStrips off old hose protectors in seconds!The "Stripper" knife cuts through the thickest hose protector like butter. We searched the utility knife market until we found the best handle and correct blade profile to easily and safely do the job of cutting off old hose protectors without damaging the hose. It's not impossible to cut the hose, but with this blade, it is tough. The best way to use the Stripper is to install the hose in the "Boss". The "Boss" anchors the hose and provides more control over blade depth and cutting angle. The Stripper is shipped with 5 hook blades and 2 straight blades.The first illustration shows the hook blade extended to the first position (click). This blade extension is the best for cutting standard and thin hose protectors. Pinch the hose protector with the thumb and index finger and start the cut at the hose fitting. For thicker hose protectors, it may be necessary to extend the hook blade fully. Even in this position, the sharpened portion of the blade is tipped upward away from the hose surface (see magnified section).
Stripper Knife & Blades
Price (USD): $14.75

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