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Parker 526-BA HP Hose

Parker 526-BA HP Hose

Scuba Tools has the Parker® PFD hydraulic crimping system designed specifically for permanently installing Parker® hose end fittings. At the present time, we are stocking 1/4" ID x 1/2" OD hose with a choice of 1/4" JIC (37 degree) swivel or 1/4" NPT fixed end fittings. The fittings are steel with a gold zinc phosphate coating. Custom HP hose assemblies can be constructed ranging from 1’ to 500'. Not for 100% oxygen use. For ordering information, see below. The Parker® 526-BA high pressure hose that maintains the breathing air quality standards as described by CGA G-7-1997 Grade E. This flexible, nylon reinforced, themoplastic hose is suitable for SCUBA air station and repair bench applications. The Parker® 526-BA hose is pressure rated for 6,000 psi working pressure with a burst pressure of 24,000 psi within a maximum operating temperature of 180 degrees F. The hose construction consists of a seamless thermoplastic inner tube reinforced by two layers of high strength synthetic fiber and a weather resistant thermoplastic outer cover. The outer cover is pinpricked for pneumatic service and is gray in color with white print identification.

Ordering Hose Assemblies:  To order HP hose assemblies, choose your length below.  The standard configuration of each hose assembly is:  1/4” JIC 37° Female Swivel Hose End Part #17-350-500 on each end.   Optional fitting available:  Part #17-300-500, 1/4” NPT Male Fixed Hose End.   Fittings other than the standard configuration must be requested in the “Notes” section at the bottom of your shopping cart.

The cost of a hose assembly can be estimated by multiplying the length of the hose times the price per foot  (i.e. 5 feet X $9.00 = $45.00 + $12.00 = Total of $57.00)  The $12.00 charge includes two hose end fittings.
Parker 526-BA HP Hose

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