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Scubapro Multi-Tool, Brass Chrome

Price (USD): $55.50
SKU:  20-100-100
Scubapro Multi-Tool - Brass Chrome (also available in Aluminum) After 14 years as the "wrench of choice" for thousands of Scubapro technicians, the Scuba Tools Multi-Tool has proven that it is "the right tool for the job". This combination spline, cap, and pin spanner tool does it all. It is designed for both the repair bench and travel tool kit. The hose spline wrench slides firmly over Scubapro® swivel hose ends and will not mar the chrome finish, even with repeated use. The crescent shaped cuts in the sides of the Multi-Tool form first stage cap wrenches. They are machined in two different diameters and will fit all Scubapro® first stages. Two pin spanners positioned on either side of the Multi-Tool fit most Scubapro® first and second stage caps and plugs. The machined slot in the middle of the Scuba Tools Multi-Tool permits the removal of damaged or broken pins. A special "punch and pin kit" is available for the Multi-Tool.  This tools works on the Mk25 in addition to the regulators mentioned in the picture. 

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