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First Stage Handle, Featherweight, Aluminum

First Stage Handles - Featherweight The Scuba Tools First Stage Handles are designed to be used in conjunction with all diving industry first stages. When this tool is threaded into a HP or LP port, it forms a solid handle allowing easy removal/replacement of yoke nuts, piston caps, and swivel retainers. The stainless steel cross tee provides a leverage point for tightening and loosening the handle. The threaded ends are stainless steel, socket, set screws which can be replaced if damaged. There are two first stage handle models available: The Featherweight model is specifically designed for diving travel tool kits where a bench vice is seldom available. The total weight of this handle has been reduced to 2.5 ounces without compromising the overall strength.
First Stage Handle, Featherweight, Aluminum
Price (USD): $32.50

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