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Hose Protector Installation Tool

Hose Protector Installation ToolThe Hose Protector Installation Tool is designed to be used in conjunction with the first stage handle (see above). It simplifies the installation of hose protectors on both low and high pressure hoses, and provides an easy method of pulling the HP hose through the hole in the instrument console.Illustration #1: Hose protectors can be installed on both high and low pressure hoses by threading the tool onto the appropriate end of the first stage handle.Illustration #2: The HP hose can easily be pulled through the hole in the instrument console by using the threaded insert to attach the HP hose swivel fitting to the end of the draw tube.
Hose Protector Installation Tool
Price (USD): $32.50

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1. on 4/23/2018, said:
5 stars out of 5
Great tool, for those times you have to add a hose protector and don’t want to wrestle and swear at a piece of plastic.
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