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Scubapro Air 2/ Inflator O'ring Bullet Kit

This tool kit contains two o'ring bullets to assist in the installation of o'rings on all models of Scubapro Air 2s and balanced inflators. The Air 2 o'ring bullet will fit older generation Air 2s as well as the current model (see left illustration). The bullet is used by sliding it all the way over the air barrel. The o'ring farthest from the right end of the air barrel is installed in the appropriate groove first. The second o'ring is installed by sliding the bullet outward until the leading edge of the bullet is aligned with the second groove in the air barrel. Lubricate the o'rings and bullet before installation! The Inflator o'ring bullet is used in the same manner. The smaller inflator bullet is stored inside the cavity of the Air 2 bullet. A plastic cap is used to keep the two bullets together while not is use.
Scubapro Air 2/ Inflator O'ring Bullet Kit

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