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Scubapro Mk15 Bushing Tool

The Mark 15 Bushing Tool is used to install the bushing components in the Scubapro® Mark 15 first stage and assist in the installation of the piston stem o'ring in the Scubapro® Mark 10 and Mark 10plus. The left illustration shows the bushing components in relationship to the tool. Installation is accomplished by sliding the bushings and o'ring on the tool ledge and then inserting them into the main body. The tool should be retracted with a rotational motion to prevent dislodging the parts. The left illustration also shows the pointed end of the tool inserted into the main body of the Scubapro® Mark 10 first stage. With the tool in place, the piston stem o'ring can be easily installed from the opposite end.
Scubapro Mk15 Bushing Tool
Price (USD): $20.75

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