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Scubapro Mk20/Mk25 Assembly Tool

The Mark 20 Assembly tool is used to install the piston stem bushing system and retain the bushing system while the piston is inserted into the main body. The left illustration to the right shows the relationship of the tool and bushing system before the parts are installed into the main body. The parts are positioned on the tool against the first ledge and then the tool is used to insert the entire bushing system inside the main body. The bottom illustration shows the opposite end of the tool inserted into the main body. The tool is drawn in cutaway view to expose the internal hole in the end of the tool. In this position, the tool holds the bushing system in place while the piston is installed from the other side of the main body. It is recommended that the tool be left in this position until the swivel body is threaded onto the main body. The tool can then be removed without disturbing the location of the bushing system.
Scubapro Mk20/Mk25 Assembly Tool
Price (USD): $21.50

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1. on 12/1/2018, said:
5 stars out of 5
It's darn near impossible for me to install correctly the MK25 bushing system without this tool. It's a bargain and has paid for itself many times over. Superb product.
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