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Breaker Bar

The Scuba Tools Breaker Bar is designed to extend the use of the 1" Yoke Nut Socket. The Yoke Nut Socket was originally designed to be driven by a 3/8" extension inserted through the yoke screw hole. On some first stages, the yoke screw hole is not large enough to accept the extension. Place the Yoke Nut Socket on the yoke nut. Insert the Breaker Bar through the yoke, and index the .375" square drive bit into the socket. The yoke screw can be used to hold the Breaker Bar and Yoke Nut Socket firmly in place while the yoke nut is loosened (see photo, right). The Scuba Tools Breaker Bar is machined from cold roll steel. The 3/8" square drive chromite bit is TIG welded into the center of the bar. The final assembly is nickel chrome plated for long term appearance and corrosion resistance. This tool is not designed for measuring the torque requirements for 1" yoke nuts. Do not overtighten yoke nuts! Thread failure can cause the yoke nut to break and release under pressure.
Breaker Bar
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