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Slotted Cap Driver

Slotted Cap Driver In response to many requests, we have designed a tool for removing / installing first stage caps that utilize a wide drive slot. The Slotted Cap Driver has two drive blades of different widths located on opposite ends of the tool (.090" & .060" ± .002"). These two blade widths provide almost universal fit for all slotted caps from 1967 - 2004. The best procedure for selecting the blade is to always use the widest possible blade that will fit the cap. This method provides the most secure hold on the cap, and helps to prevent cap damage. The Slotted Cap Driver can also be used to precisely torque the cap. The tool body is machined from 3/4" hex stock. A standard 3/4" socket can be installed over the hex body, allowing the use of a torque wrench during assembly (see illustration). The tool is made from 1018 cold roll steel that is nickel chrome plated. A SS tension pin is incorporated as a cross tee to aid in turning the tool by hand. Shipped with a reversible protective cap to cushion the sharp edges of the tool while in use.
Slotted Cap Driver

Price (USD): $32.75

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