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Dive Master IP Gauge Only (LP Hose)

Dive Master IP Gauge The Dive Master IPG is designed for the dive master or instructor who is in charge of a group of divers and requires multiple connection options. The Dive Master IPG includes the Scuba Tools custom gauge with a LP hose adapter installed. This system allows the IPG to be converted to virtually any primary or secondary low pressure hose connection. The hose adapter is custom machined from solid brass.  For the Dive Master IPG with 4 SpinOns, see part number 20-165-120. SpinOns may also be purchased separately.  Important Note: The Dive Master IPG is designed to be used only when a second stage is in the air circuit. The second stage serves as an overpressurization valve that will protect low pressure hoses in the event of a major first stage failure. DO NOT attach this gauge to any first stage that is not protected in this manner.
Dive Master IP Gauge Only (LP Hose)
Price (USD): $37.00

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