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Pro Technician IP Gauge with 4 SpinOn Adapters

Pro Technician IP Gauge The Pro Technician IPG is a heavy duty instrument designed for the rigors of daily use on the repair bench. It is fully pressure protected for testing newly rebuilt first stages. A special center body is designed to accept the Scuba Tools IP gauge in the top port, a Kingston pressure release valve in the left port, and a standard LP hose on the right port. The Kingston valve is rated at 215 scfm flow at 275 psi and incorporates a toggle style line dump to relieve internal pressure. The Kingston release valve is factory preset at the above levels, and should not be altered more than plus or minus 10 psi. The valve is fitted with a viton seat to insure bubble tight seal. The Pro Technician IPG includes four Scuba Tools SpinOn adapters that fit virtually every diving industry quick disconnect coupling (see illustration). The body and SpinOns are custom machined by Scuba Tools from solid brass and finished with nickel chrome. The Pro Technician IPG and SpinOns can be purchased separately.
Pro Technician IP Gauge with 4 SpinOn Adapters
Price (USD): $129.00

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