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Quad Spanner Wrench, Aqua Lung/ SeaQuest

The Quad Spanner Wrench is specifically designed to aid in the disassembly/ assembly of the Pioneer®, Nordic®, Century®, Infinity®, Mirage®, and Aquarius® first stages. The tool includes 4 different spanner wrenches that fit the pin holes in the various components of these regulators. The illustrations to the right show the appropriate use of each spanner and the relationship of the parts as they are disassembled. These drawings are self-explanatory for all spanner applications. All Quad Spanner pins are replaceable should they become damaged. A complete replacement set of pins is included for your convenience. The worn or damaged pins can be removed with a standard 1/8" punch. It is important to remove the damaged portion of the pin with a file or bench grinder before attempting to drive the pin out of the wrench. This will prevent enlarging the pin hole and maintain a secure fit for the replacement pin. The Quad Spanner Wrench is machined from aluminum and anodized black.
Quad Spanner Wrench, Aqua Lung/ SeaQuest
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