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Micra ADJ Knob Tool Kit

The Scuba Tools Micra ADJ Knob Tool Kit consists of three individual tools (pictured left). When used in the proper sequence, they will allow easy removal/installation of the 1/16" SS tension pin used to retain the knob on the Aqua Lung Micra ADJ. The punch is made from hardened high speed steel and can be used from either end. When tapping on the punch with a hammer, be sure to hit the punch squarely and not at an angle. Always wear eye protection when using hardened punches! The alignment block is precision machined from solid brass, and chrome plated. When the block is clamped in a standard bench vise, it forms a "hands free" fixture that positions the knob so that the tension pin can be easily removed/installed. The alignment probe is a stainless steel teasing needle that is used to align the hole in the knob with the hole in the air barrel. When positioned in the alignment block, the tension pin can be tapped into place to secure the knob. Complete instructions for the use of this tool kit are included with the kit.
Micra ADJ Knob Tool Kit
Price (USD): $21.50

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