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Aqua Lung Spring Retainer Socket

This tool was developed as a joint project with Aqua Lung and fits all Titan and Cousteau first stages. It provides an easy way to apply torque to the spring and diaphragm retainer. This tension is important to the life and function of the diaphragm. The socket is machined from a solid 2" round aluminum bar and has two different socket cavities on opposite ends. One end fits the "wet" version of the Titan and Cousteau first stages and the other end fits the "dry" configuration of these two first stages. The center of the socket is broached 3/8" square to accommodate a 3/8" drive extension. A torque wrench is used to apply the proper torque to the retainer. It is important to note that this socket will not fit older "SEA" first stages. An additional socket is being developed to fit these regulators.
Aqua Lung Spring Retainer Socket
Price (USD): $33.25

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