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Apeks Socket and Extension

The Apeks Socket & Extension Set is specifically designed to remove, install, and torque the yoke nut on most Apeks first stages.The extension features a 3/8” square female drive to fit a 3/8” torque wrench or ratchet handle. The extension shank has been reduced to allow it to pass through the yoke screw hole. The bottom of the extension is machined to a square 1/4” male drive.The 3/4” (19mm) socket features a 1/4” female drive and the exterior has been shaped to capture the yoke nut completely.Both the extension and the socket are hardened tool steel. The exterior is polished and nickel chrome plated.At the time of this writing, the Apeks torque specification was 20-22 ft. lbs. (240-264 in. lbs.) The extension and 1/4” male drive are rated for a maximum torque of 45 ft. lbs. If the yoke nut is corroded in place and requires more than the maximum torque to remove the nut, damage to the extension and/or socket may occur.Important: Always use firm downward hand pressure on the torque wrench to insure maximum contact with all of the drives. For best results, the first stage should be firmly captured in a soft jaw bench vise.
Apeks Socket and Extension
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