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SeaQuest Air Source Oral Inflator Assembly Tool

Air Source Oral Inflator Assembly ToolThis tool provides a method of compressing the Air Source oral inflation components so that they can be installed into the housing. When this mechanism is held in compression, the soft cover can be accurately positioned and sealed into the housing. This operation is critical to the watertight integrity of the SeaQuest Air Source.Figure #1 illustrates the oral inflator components and the proper order of assembly. The oral plate screw is used to clamp the parts together.Figure #2 shows how the tool drive slot compresses the parts to the proper height for final assembly in the case. Do not overtighten this screw! The threads are very delicate and may strip if too much torque is applied.Figure #3 shows a full cutaway of the compressed oral inflator components with the soft cover installed.Figure #4 features the final assembly of the oral inflator components into the Air Source housing. The tool not only holds the parts in compression, but also serves as a driver to thread the oral bezel into place. After installation, the screw and tool are removed from the bottom side of the housing.
SeaQuest Air Source Oral Inflator Assembly Tool
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