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Scubapro Mk5/Mk10 O'ring Tool Kit

Mark 5 / Mark 10 O'ring Tool Kit This tool kit is designed to assist the technician in the installation of the Mk5/Mk10 piston stem o’ring. The kit consists of three separate tools. The O’ring Stop Tool and Guide Bushing are machined with two different ends to work in conjunction with both the Scubapro Mk5 and Mk10 first stages. The appropriate end of both tools “must” be used correctly to insure correct installation of this o’ring. The Push Rod is universal and is used with both first stages. The bottom illustration shows the Mk10 first stage body and Guide Bushing cutaway. The Mk5 installation procedure is identical to the Mk10 procedure. - Install the o'ring in the appropriate end of the guide bushing. - Insert the Guide Bushing and o'ring into the first stage body. The hole in the center of the Guide Bushing aligns precisely with the hole in the first stage body. - The Push Rod is used to gently tamp the o'ring downward against the O'Ring Stop Tool. The o'ring will be forced sideways into the o'ring groove completing installation. The Mk5/Mk10 O'ring Tool Kit is shipped with complete instructions for tool use
Scubapro Mk5/Mk10 O'ring Tool Kit

Price (USD): $25.75

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1. on 8/14/2022, said:
5 stars out of 5
Used to rebuild two MK10s and Oceanic MK5 clone. Using this tool made inserting HP o-ring easy.
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