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Scubapro Mk17/Mk17 EVO/Mk19 EVO Socket

The Scubapro Mk 17 Socket is designed to remove, install, and torque both diaphragm retainers on the Mk 17 first stage. The socket has two internal socket cavities that are reversed to accommodate the two different retainers. The lower left illustration shows a cutaway socket installed onto the ambient diaphragm retainer. The cap screw in the socket is used to index with one of the perimeter holes on the retainer. A standard 3/8” extension is used to drive the socket. A torque wrench is recommended for final assembly tension. The left illustration shows the socket installed onto the primary diaphragm retainer. The plastic washer must be removed to allow the socket to index over the retainer. For specific torque requirements for the Mk 17 first stage, consult the schematic or contact Scubapro Technical Service Department.
Scubapro Mk17/Mk17 EVO/Mk19 EVO Socket
Price (USD): $44.75

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