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Orifice/Valve T-Handle

The Orifice/Valve T-Handle was redesigned in 2003 to extend the tool function to include two basic repair bench jobs. One end of the tool is used to install/remove the standard slotted orifice used in most diving industry second stages.  A dowel pin is pressed into the driver end to hold the orifice stable while it is being installed.  This orifice tool eliminates the problem of scratching the internal o'ring land of the regulator air barrel, and replaces the stubby screwdriver normally used to do this job. The machined shoulder above the driver bit fits the internal bore of the air barrel (.370") providing the proper alignment while the driver is engaged with the orifice. The opposite end of the tool has a raised drive bit that fits most diving industry valve handle retainers (see bottom drawing). A relief hole is drilled in the center of the drive bit to bridge over any protrusion of the threaded valve seat stem. The tool is shipped with a protective plastic cap for hand comfort. *This tool will fit all orifices with a standard slot that is at least .045" wide. It will not fit Oceanic® orifices or some older orifices made in the early 1970s.
Orifice/Valve T-Handle
Price (USD): $32.50

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