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Hook Spanner Set, #3 thru #6 (includes 4 interchangeable pins with dia. of .125, .140, .156, .240)

Scuba Tool's Hook Spanners with four different diameter interchangeable pins. Universal Fit For All First Stages. A Hook Spanner set that fits everything? That's right! Well, at least we have not found any first stage that these wrenches won't fit. The set includes a progressive diameter range from 1.3" - 1.6" by .1" increments. The wrenches are numbered based on the diameter of the arc. Four stainless steel interchangeable set screw pins are included.  Pin diameters are .125, .140, .156, and .240.  The body of the wrench is machined from 3/8" thick aluminum alloy. This combination produces a strong mar resistant tool that is easy on the hands and a pleasure to use. Picking the right wrench (#3 -#6) for the job is a simple matter of using the one that is just slightly smaller than the diameter of the first stage body. This procedure allows the wrench to contact the body in two places, at the pin and the heel of the crescent. These two points are located more than 90 degrees apart causing the spanner to lock firmly against the first stage body. This feature reduces the possibility of slipping out of the hole and scratching the first stage.

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Hook Spanner Set, #3 thru #6 (includes 4 interchangeable pins with dia. of .125, .140, .156, .240)
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