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Adapter for Dual Drive Adjusting Tool

The Dual Drive Adapter is designed to allow the Atomic Aquatics SS1®, Scubapro Air 2®, Tusa Duo Air®, Sherwood Scuba® Gemini SR9000 to be adjusted using the Dual Drive Adjusting Tool. The orifice used in these units is recessed deeply inside the air barrel. The only external access to the orifice is through the small hole in the male QDC end of the air barrel. The Dual Drive Adapter has a 3/16” hex drive spool that will reach the orifice and make adjustments when the unit is pressurized with the Dual Drive Adjusting Tool. The adapter incorporates a special thread-lock collar. This connector differs from the normal QDC in that the collar is advanced and retracted by means of a thread. When the collar is “fully retracted”, the adapter can be removed. When the collar is “advanced forward” until it is touching the snap ring, the collar is locked and can not be removed. The primary reason for the thread-lock collar is to prevent accidental disconnection while the unit is under pressure (see illustration). The best procedure for using the adapter is to first install it to the unit being serviced. Installation is achieved by pushing the adapter into place (as far as it will go), and then threading the collar forward until it touches the snap ring. Once the adapter is in place, the Dual Drive Adjusting Tool can be used in the same manner as with a standard second stage. When disconnecting the assembly, “turn the air off first” and “purge the residual air”. The collar can then be retracted and the adapter removed. Always follow the manufacturer’s procedure for making orifice adjustments to any second stage.
Adapter for Dual Drive Adjusting Tool
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