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Scubapro Balanced Chamber Tool

The Scuba Tools Balanced Chamber Adjustment Tool was designed specifically to modify the amount of spring force applied to the back of the Scubapro G500® S600®, S600T®, &G250HP® poppets. This spring force is one of the major factors for controlling demand effort. The Scuba Tools version of this tool differs from the tool manufactured by Scubapro® in one very important feature: "The drive spool is totally pneumatically balanced and does not require inward hand pressure to keep the drive bit engaged." Air balancing is achieved by applying equal forces to both ends of the drive spool (see illustration). Simply slide the spool inward until the drive bit engages with the slot in the balancing chamber and it will "stay put" without holding it in place. By eliminating the need to fight the spool position, the applied spring force can be adjusted precisely. The Peter Built Balanced Chamber Adjusting Tool is designed to put the "touch" back into this adjustment process. It is manufactured from the finest materials and is built for years of trouble free service.
Scubapro Balanced Chamber Tool
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