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Genesis Oceanic First Stage Wrench

The Genesis Oceanic Spanner Wrench is a dual function tool that is used in the disassembly/ assembly of Genesis/Oceanic first stages. The crescent spanner is an open end wrench that fits the outside diameter of the inline first stage. The drive pin can be indexed in any of the perimeter ambient holes, and the wrench can be used to turn the cap in either direction. The three pin socket spanner is designed to fit the cap on the 900 first stage. The socket diameter fits the cap and the three drive pins can be indexed with any three of the blind holes in the end of the cap. The cap can be both removed and installed with this spanner. The Genesis Oceanic First Stage Wrench is machined from aluminum bar stock and fitted with stainless steel pins.
Genesis Oceanic First Stage Wrench
Price (USD): $35.00

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