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Genesis/Aeris/Oceanic Poppet Tool Kit

The Genesis Oceanic Poppet Tool Kit is designed to assist the technician in the assembly, disassembly, and adjustment of the demand valve components. The kit consists of a special wrench for starting and adjusting the nyloc nut, and a poppet drive tool for turning the poppet from the outside of the case. The poppet drive tool also retains the poppet and spring without inward hand pressure. Note: This tool kit can be used on all models of Genesis/Oceanic second stages. To conserve space, only one second stage is shown in the illustration. The wrench is machined aluminum and the poppet drive assembly is chrome plated brass with a molded knob. This tool kit has received extremely high praise for simplifying the job of installing the demand valve components on both Genesis and Oceanic second stages
Genesis/Aeris/Oceanic Poppet Tool Kit
Price (USD): $36.25

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