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Genesis Pressure Test Tool

The Genesis Pressure Test Tool is designed to check the internal schrader valve function after the GS 2000 first stage is completely assembled. The tool assembly consists of a syringe, o'ring sealed pressure cap, and vinyl connecting tube. Proper use of this test tool requires an intermediate pressure gauge (not included). The pressure cap seals against the outer first stage boot by using firm downward hand pressure. With the pressure cap sealed, the syringe can be rapidly depressed to momentarily apply pressure to the internal diaphragm. The diaphragm will activate the schrader valve causing the intermediate pressure to surge upward 5-10 psi. The IP will return to lock up pressure when the syringe plunger motion stops. The above procedure assimilates the effect of increasing/decreasing ambient water pressure. A continuous leak from the schrader valve can also be tested with this tool assembly. Simply seal the pressure cap against the first stage and watch to see if the syringe plunger is pushed upward out of the syringe barrel. The Genesis Pressure Test Tool is shipped partially assembled. Complete testing procedures are included with each tool.
Genesis Pressure Test Tool

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