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Genesis/Sherwood Inflator Dump Button T-Tool

This Inflator Dump Button Tool is designed to remove the recessed nut assembly that retains the dump button and spring. This tool also can be used to remove the quick disconnect (QD) fitting. The dump nut can be captured by the tool and unthreaded by inserting the 9/16" hex broached end of the tool into the BC hose cavity. After inserting the tool and indexing the socket over the dump nut, push the dump button in as far as it will go before removing the nut. This procedure will keep the dump button from rotating during disassembly. The opposite end of the tool is machined with a special split driver to assist in removing the QD fitting from the inflator body. This tool feature was included to remove the original QD fitting that did not have hex flats at the base of the fitting. The split driver may not be strong enough to remove a very tight QD fitting. The body of the tool is machined from white acetal plastic with a stainless steel cross pin.
Genesis/Sherwood Inflator Dump Button T-Tool
Price (USD): $19.75

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