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Tusa Dual Drive Bushing Adapter

Dual Drive Bushing AdapterThe Tusa® S-50 second stage features a modular inline air filter. This filter blocks access to the orifice when the filter is installed. The Dual Drive Bushing Adapter is installed in place of the filter during final orifice adjustments. The bushing has a drive bit on one end and a slot on the other end. The drive bit is installed and indexed with the orifice, leaving the slotted end accessible inside the filter housing. In this configuration, the Dual Drive Adjusting Tool can be used normally to make precision adjustments to the orifice with the second stage under pressure. When the final adjustment procedure is complete, the modular filter is reinstalled in the filter housing.The Dual Drive Bushing Adapter is machined from brass and should only be used on a free turning orifice. Using the adapter to remove a stuck orifice will result in damage to the adapter drive bit.
Tusa Dual Drive Bushing Adapter
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