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Tusa R400, Scubapro Mk 11, and "New" Scubapro Mk16

This socket will fit the Tusa R-400 first stage, Scubapro Mk 11 first stage and the “new” Scubapro Mk 16 first stages. The “new” designator refers to Mk16s that have a 10 hole diaphragm retainer cap (see illustration for more details).The socket is machined from aluminum alloy and has two 6mm SS cap screws located 180 degrees apart. With the screws retracted, the socket will fit over the cap. Once installed on the first stage, the screws are hand threaded in the two adjacent holes and serve as drive pins to remove, install, and torque the diaphragm retaining cap. The center hole is broached 3/8” square and will fit any 3/8” drive torque wrench. No extension is required for driving this socket.
Tusa R400, Scubapro Mk 11, and "New" Scubapro Mk16
Price (USD): $31.75

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