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Oceanic Swivel Hose In Line Adjusting Tool

Oceanic Swivel Hose In Line Adjusting Tool

The Oceanic In Line Adjusting Tool is designed to make precise orifice adjustments while the second stage is pressurized. This tool only fits Oceanic second stages that utilize the swivel hose! The tool threads directly onto the second stage after the o’ring and bushing have been removed, and the swivel hose threads onto the opposite end of the tool. The hose fitting on the tool has an internal o’ring that seals with the swivel hose end (see illustration). The tool features flow through balancing and will not push back when the assembly is pressurized. The feature allows for more sensitivity when adjusting the orifice to the leak stop position. The aluminum yoke is anodized black and other components are chrome plated brass. This tool is designed and manufactured by Scuba Tools. *The Oceanic Swivel Hose In Line Tool Fits Only Oceanic Second Stages With A Swivel Hose.
Oceanic Swivel Hose In Line Adjusting Tool
Price (USD): $94.25

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