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27/17mm First Stage Wrench

The 27-17mm First Stage Wrench Fits Imported First Stages Including Poseidon® The 27-17mm First Stage Wrench fits two popular metric first stage cap sizes. It also features two internal 3/8" drive holes for using a torque wrench to precisely tighten the caps. The overall thickness of the wrench is .162" - .165" (8 gauge). This thickness is reduced on the 17mm end to .125" (1/8") in the area where the wrench engages the nut or side slots. The addition of a crowsfoot, or multiplier, to a standard torque wrench changes the torque value of the wrench. This change in torque value must be factored in when setting the wrench to achieve an accurate torque on the assembly. Each specific torque wrench will be affected by the multiplier based upon its handle length and the length of the multiplier. The bottom illustration shows the correct formula for calculating this variation. This formula solves the equation for the correct torque setting on the torque wrench (C) to achieve the specified torque by the manufacturer (D). The length of the torque wrench handle (A) is the distance between the center of the hand grip to the center of the 3/8" drive. The length of the multiplier for both ends of the 27-17mm First Stage Wrench is 1.5" (B). After determining the length of your torque wrench (A), divide A by A+B and then multiply this factor times D (specified torque). In all cases, the actual torque wrench setting will be slightly less than the manufacturer's specified torque. This calculation is explained in more detail in the instructions included with the wrench. The wrench is machined from AR235 steel with  an Electroless Nickel finish and has a maximum torque rating of 75 ft. lbs.
27/17mm First Stage Wrench
Price (USD): $45.25

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