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Atomic First Stage T-Tool with Piston Bullet

The Atomic First Stage T-Tool combines three tools for the disassembly/ assembly of the Ti 2 titanium and brass first stages. The illustrations on the right show the basic tool functions. Figure #1: The Pin Spanner Wrench is used to remove/install the HP Seat Retainer. The three drive pins index into any three holes in the retainer. Figure #2: The Bushing Installation Tool is used to install the bushing components into the first stage body. The parts are stacked on the smallest diameter of the tool and then inserted into the body. Figure #3: The opposite end of the tool cross tee is used to hold the bushing system in place while the piston assembly is inserted from the other side of the body. The center bore in the tool allows the piston bullet to pass through the bushing system and into the tool. This tool comes packaged with a special Atomic Piston Bullet.
Atomic First Stage T-Tool with Piston Bullet
Price (USD): $39.25

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