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Atomic SS1 Poppet & Inflation Tool

The Atomic Aquatics SS1 Poppet & Inflation Tool is designed to assist the technician in assembling the SS1 poppet, spring, tabbed bushing, and lever components. With the poppet and spring installed inside the air barrel, thread the air barrel onto the tool until the air barrel touches the shoulder on the tool (figures 1 & 2). In this position, the tabbed bushing can be installed and aligned with the flats on the poppet stem. If the tabs on the bushing do not align with the notches in the air barrel, the bushing and poppet can be rotated to achieve alignment (top of figure 2). Push the bushing into the notches in the air barrel and unthread the tool until approximately three threads are exposed on the tool. After the tabbed bushing has been pushed completely onto the notches on the air barrel, the lever, washer, and nyloc nut can be easily installed onto the threaded end of the poppet (figures 3 & 4). The upper end of the SS1 Poppet Tool is dimpled so that it does not touch the soft seat on the poppet. The tool is machined from 5/8" hex brass bar and can be captured in a vise to aid in the assembly process. Natural brass finish.
Atomic SS1 Poppet & Inflation Tool
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