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Atomic M1 Rim Clamp

The Atomic Aquatics Cover/Rim Clamps are designed to dislodge a stuck diaphragm retaining cover/rim on Atomic Aquatics Ti/B2 & M1 second stages.Note: The Ti2/B2 Rim Clamp has two ledges machined into opposite sides of the clamp. The square bottom ledge fits the Ti2 and the rounded ledge fits the B2.The clamp is used by inserting the stuck rim into the clamp until the rim contacts the stop ledge. The clamp is then captured in a bench vise so that the split side of the clamp is inside the vise jaws. "Gently" tightening the vise jaws pinches the entire rim without distorting the case. The second stage body can then be used as leverage to unthread the rim without damage.The clamps also have two self centering tabs machined into the side of the clamp opposite the split. The tabs index with the notches in the castle ring that retains the diaphragm assembly. The castle retaining ring can be easily removed/installed using this tool feature.The clamp is machined from aluminum alloy and vibratory finished. Instructions included.
Atomic M1 Rim Clamp
Price (USD): $30.00

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