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0-400 psi Reducing Regulator

The Aqua Environment® pressure reducing regulator is the ideal way to generate a "low pressure air supply" for the repair bench. The input side of the regulator will accept up to 6000 psi and can be connected directly to a high pressure cascade or bank system. The output side of the regulator can be adjusted from 0-400 psi. The regulator is equipped with a pressure release valve preset at 275 psi. This fixes the upper limit of the regulator output well within the pressure range of standard air hoses or air coils. The regulator is designed to "internally vent" descending pressures. This means when the knob is retracted (screwed out), the output pressure will drop automatically without releasing the pressure externally. The output pressure range of this unit is also perfect for the A.I.R. Flow Analyzer venturi pump. Input/output ports are 1/4" NPTF, and maintenance on this regulator is greatly simplified by the use of a factory sealed service cartridge that is replaced as a unit. Dual function mounting clamp included.
0-400 psi Reducing Regulator
Price (USD): $387.00

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