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A.I.R. Flow Analyzer, Four SpinOns, & Floating Wall Bracket Assembly

A.I.R. Flow Analyzer, Four SpinOns, & Floating Wall Bracket Assy

The Scuba Tools A.I.R. (Atmospheric Inhalation Resistance) Flow Analyzer is designed to test diving regulators under both static and dynamic conditions. In addition to the standard “static tests” for cracking effort and intermediate pressure, the “dynamic performance” of the complete regulator (first and second stage) can be monitored while the regulator is flowing air at different flow levels. These dynamic tests are very important on modern regulators that utilize venturi assists as part of the overall work of breathing. If the regulator venturi overpowers the mechanical resistance of the demand valve, the crossover flow rate can be determined and adjusted for optimum performance. The following is a brief description of the tests that can be performed with the A.I.R Flow Analyzer: Static Tests: • Precision Cracking Effort: The cracking effort (minimum opening effort) can be pinpointed on a Dwyer 5-0-5 Magnehelic gauge by slowly increasing the vacuum on the regulator via the needle valve. Since this vacuum is constant and steady, the exact cracking effort can be maintained providing the most accurate Magnehelic reading. • Precision IP: Static intermediate pressure is measured on a precision 4.5” IP gauge mounted on the bottom right of the panel. This gauge is accurate to within ±1% of the full swing (±3psi). The gauge can be hooked up to almost any manufacturers’ low pressure hose coupling by using one of the four SpinOns included with the panel (see bottom illustration). Dynamic Tests: • Demand Effort vs Flow: The Magnehelic gauge is connected to the flow meter just above the second stage mouthpiece and senses any vacuum or pressure change that occurs as the flow is increased. This dynamic feature constantly monitors the amount of demand effort required to generate any specific flow rate. • Venturi Performance: The boost provided by the venturi reduces the demand effort in direct relationship to the flow level. As the flow is increased through the flow meter, the venturi performance can be evaluated by monitoring the Magnehelic gauge. This test can spot “venturi crossover” and indicate at what flow level it occurs. • Dynamic IP: Any decrease/increase in intermediate pressure while the regulator is under flow conditions can be read directly from the IP gauge. This test can spot anything from a plugged HP filter to the increased performance of a preferred first stage port. • Chatter Free Flow Testing: The custom Scuba Tools Flow Vac and Lower Orifice provide a straight line flow path that is chatter free. The A.I.R. Flow Analyzer is mounted on a custom floating bracket that can be adjusted to the sightline of the operator. The floating bracket can be fastened directly to the wall or mounted onto the optional Pedestal Bench Mount. The A.I.R. Flow Analyzer requires a low pressure (100-150 psi) air supply. This low pressure can be generated by a low pressure port on a diving regulator, a pressure reducing regulator (see next page), or a standard low pressure air compressor. Use compressed air only! Not for Oxygen or enriched air. This test instrument is virtually maintenance free and will provide years of accurate, efficient, and economical regulator testing.  Magnehelic is dual scale Inches of Water/CM of Water and IP Gauge is dual scale PSI/BAR.  Flow Meter option (see below) either SCFM (Standard Cubic Feet per Minute) or LPM Air (Liters Per Minute).
with SCFM Flow Meter
Magnehelic Gauge is dual scale 5-0-5 Inches of Water/12.5-0-12.5 CM of water.  IP Gauge is dual scale 300 PSI/20 BAR.  Flow Meter is 2.5-25 SCFM
Price (USD): $1,282.00
with LPM flow meter (special order, allow 3 weeks to ship)

Magnehelic Gauge is dual scale 5-0-5 Inches of Water/12.5-0-12.5 CM of water.  IP Gauge is dual scale 300 PSI/20 BAR.  Flow Meter is 60-700 LPM

Price (USD): $1,302.00

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1. on 6/12/2021, said:
5 stars out of 5
The minute you lay your hand on that masterpiece, you know that someone did his job well. The hardware is robust and sturdy. All the gauges are large and clear. And human engineering is perfect. I bought that product with some other SCUBA TOOLS products, and all the parts are compatible.
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