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Quick Set - Poppet & Seat Break-In Fixture

The Scuba Tools "Quick Set" fixture is designed to quickly and efficiently "break-in" new poppets and HP seats. When a new poppet or HP seat is installed in a regulator, it may not perform correctly until a mating groove has been set in the soft side of the seat. This initial groove is established by cycling (breathing) the regulator. This action causes the hard side of the seat to penetrate the softer seating material forming a groove or "mating set" between the two surfaces. This process may take as many as 250 cycles to achieve a 80% set between the mating surfaces. Final regulator adjustments can not be accurately completed until both the first stage HP seat and second stage poppet have "taken a set". Up until now, the only methods for breaking-in new seats were to cycle the regulator by actually breathing from the second stage, or repeatedly pushing the purge button. These methods are time consuming, inefficient, and noisy. If the regulator has two second stages, it is necessary to cycle each second stage independently. The Scuba Tools Quick Set will break-in one first stage and two second stages at a rate of approximately 45 (44-46) cycles per minute. If two second stages are cycled simultaneously, the first stage cycle rate is doubled (88-92 CPM). The Quick Set is powered by a fan cooled, gear head motor that operates on standard 115 VAC, 60 HZ (50hz option, see below) and draws less than 1/2 amp under normal load. The output shaft is fitted with a cam dog that drives two small piston pumps. The pumps will generate a vacuum of 8-20" H2O on the inhalation stroke with a volume displacement of .004 cubic ft. At a rate of 50 CPM, it will take 5 minutes to use 1 cubic foot of air per second stage. If you are tired of attempting to break-in new seats by hand, or you want to eliminate the problem of readjusting regulators after the first dive, you will want a Quick Set on your bench.  Quick Set should only be operated with a compressed air supply. Do not use Quik Set with pure oxygen or enriched air.
with 115 VAC/60hz Motor (USA)
Price (USD): $430.50
with 115 VAC/50hz Motor (50hz is used in some countries, check your country's power requirements))
Price (USD): $430.50

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