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Pro Check - Second Stage Analyzer

The Scuba Tools "Pro Check" is the first twin manometer style instrument specifically designed to measure second stage "watertight integrity" and "cracking effort". The accuracy and reliability of the manometer have long been the preferred choice of the scientific community for measuring extremely low pressure differentials. Watertight Integrity: The Pro Check can detect and measure any flaw in the second stage that may allow water to enter during the breathing cycle. The method of analyzing the magnitude of the leak incorporates an air logic circuit that delays the vacuum flow between two identical manometers. The delay is calibrated by a laser pierced ruby orifice and causes the manometer on the delayed side of the circuit to read lower than the one exposed directly to the vacuum. The larger the leak, the lower the reading. The difference between the two manometers' readings can be used to predict the exact size of a leak and determine approximately how much water will flow through the flaw on each inhalation cycle. This ability to detect and measure second stage leaks has never been available to the regulator technician until now. The Pro Check will not measure dynamic water leaks such as "exhaust tee cross flow" or "exhaust valve inversion". Dynamic water leaks are engineering defects and are the responsibility of the manufacturer. Precision Cracking Effort: The Pro Check utilizes a PVC (Pressure/Vacuum Converter) to generate operational vacuums. This unit produces an adjustable sustained vacuum that is perfectly suited for measuring cracking effort. A special mouthpiece adapter (not shown) is used to connect the PVC to the second stage. By slowly increasing the vacuum, the precise cracking effort can be pinpointed. This procedure requires an IPG (Intermediate Pressure Gauge). This gauge is not supplied with the Pro Check. The Pro Check is loaded with exclusive features: • Self Contained Pressure/Vacuum Converter (PVC): This unit converts low pressure air into a constant vacuum flow. The PVC consists of a pressure reducing regulator assembly, needle valve, and vacuum transducer. • Exclusive Twin Manometer Design: The Pro Check twin manometer is an integrated system that can be used as a standard single column manometer, or a twin air logic system for measuring leaks through extremely small holes. • Adjustable Reservoir: The height of the reservoir can be quickly and easily adjusted to "zero out" the manometer prior to use. • Calibration Test Orifice: A calibration orifice is supplied with the Pro Check to allow the accuracy of the unit to be evaluated at any time. The Pro Check package includes: Pro Check, cracking effort hose assembly, manometer fluid, calibration orifice, calibration plug, input hose fitting, and complete instruction manual.
Pro Check - Second Stage Analyzer
Price (USD): $400.25

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Do you have a video on this, thanks
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Great service tool!
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