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Regulator Savvy (Three Ring)

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Regulator Savvy is a different kind of regulator repair manual. For many years, I have believed that professional regulator service could be better served by teaching the fundamental functions of the regulator, rather than relying solely upon a procedural approach. This book translates this idea into physical reality. Regulator Savvy is divided into two complimentary sections that are uniquely linked. The first section gets down to the nuts and bolts of basic regulator function. The second section applies this knowledge to the “art” of adjusting the regulator for optimum performance. Together, they represent a rational connection between the “know how” and the more satisfying “know why”. The second section also examines regulator testing on the repair bench. This element proves the validity of both sections by providing a means of verifying the results. This concept offers a judicious balance between theory and application. The manual is now available in a three ring binder and spiral bound. It contains 187 pages and over 300 new-to-the-world illustrations. The old adage, “a picture is worth a 1000 words”, definitely applies in this case. Reading the text in segments and then verifying this function in the cutaway illustrations produces a visual interface that almost makes the parts move in your mind. This visualization is the key to jump starting rational thought and the learning process. Regulator Savvy has a broad audience. Even though the context of the manual is directed at service technicians, any diver who wants to know more about how his regulator functions will find the first section especially interesting. Seasoned technicians can obtain a wider perspective on regulators and features that may not routinely cross their bench, and new technicians can become familiar with the basics before attending a manufacturer’s service clinic. It is important to note that this manual is not a do-it-yourself guide for regulator repair. It does not include sufficient information as a stand alone text. I, personally, do not wish to encourage anyone to experiment with his regulator. The regulator should be considered “life support equipment” and treated with the utmost respect. The window below lists the nineteen chapter titles for your review. Click Here to see a representation of a single page that is taken from the manual. I made every attempt to write the text in a familiar style, using everyday language. This example page shows how the explanations work together with the illustrations to make the function clear. It is my sincere hope that Regulator Savvy will extend your knowledge and understanding of regulators, and serve to inspire every technician to strive for his highest potential. Pete Wolfinger
Regulator Savvy (Three Ring)
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1. on 3/4/2021, said:
5 stars out of 5
This is an excellent book. Anyone that ever thought about servicing a regulator should read this book it is worth every penny.
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