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Christo-Lube MCG 111, 8 oz tube

This ChristoLube "super lubricant" has been adopted industry wide for virtually all regulator maintenance. This compound provides excellent lubrication qualities, is not water soluble, and is very inert. ChristoLube is available in two formulas: MCG 129 for general lubrication, and MCG 111 for dynamic lubrication. Both formulas can be used universally for regulator service. Some regulator manufacturers specify one or both when working on their products. Be sure to consult their technical service department if you are in doubt. MCG 129 is available in the 2 oz. syringe only, and MCG 111 is available in the 5 gram squeeze tube, .8 oz curved tip syringe, 2 oz. syringe, 2 oz. squeeze tube, 8 oz. squeeze tube and 16 oz. squeeze tube.
Christo-Lube MCG 111, 8 oz tube

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