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Oceanic Rim Clamp Alpha 8 & Delta 4/Neo

The Oceanic rim clamp is designed to assist the technician in removing second stage diaphragm retaining rings that can not be removed by hand. This clamp fits the Delta 4, Neo, and Alpha 8 Oceanic second stages. The rim clamp has two ledges machined into opposites sides of the clamp.  One side fits the Delta 4 and Neo.  The other side fits the Alpha 8.  The clamp is used by pressing the rim all the way into the clamp until the rim is against the recessed ledge. The clamp is then positioned in a bench vise with the split side of the clamp between the jaws. When the vise is "gently" tightened, the clamp squeezes the rim evenly around the entire circumference. This uniform pressure firmly grips the rim without distorting the second stage housing. The second stage housing can now be used to dislodge and unthread the rim. The Oceanic Rim Clamp is machined from aluminum alloy and vibratory finished.
Oceanic Rim Clamp Alpha 8 & Delta 4/Neo
Price (USD): $30.75

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