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25mm Yoke Nut Socket (Mares)

At Scuba Tools, we manufacture custom yoke nut sockets and a custom 3/8" drive extension. These tools allow the technician to accurately torque yoke nuts on most first stages. These sockets are manufactured specifically to fit inside the yoke and over the yoke nut. These sockets incorporate a six point hex socket and a 3/8" square drive. They are machined from chrome moly and heat treated for maximum strength. The finished socket is nickel chrome plated for durability and appearance. Due to the reduced wall thickness, the maximum applied torque should not exceed 50 foot pounds. The 3/8" drive extension has a reduced shank diameter and will fit through all 1/2" and 9/16" yoke screw holes. The extension is heat treated and nickel chrome plated. Sockets and extension sold separately.
25mm Yoke Nut Socket (Mares)
Price: $23.50

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